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Easy Holiday DIY Projects

These are some do-it-yourself projects for this upcoming holiday season.

This is a “Texas Snowman.” You can use cloves or peppercorns for the coals and card stock paper to make the nose. The snow can be anything from sugar to salt, etc.

This snowman ornament was made with bottle tops. The tops were glued together and painted. How cute is this little guy!?

Glue scrabble piece together to spell out words or names.

These little guys are pine cones that are simply set on tree branches. The nose and eyes are made out of paper. The hat is glued to the top of the pinecone. The wings are made from felt stitched together.

A box of little white ornaments can be purchased at your local dollar store. You can dip a small sponge in red paint and press lightly to make the rosy cheeks. A piece of hemp is used to make the ribbon. The face is painted on. A glass jar this size can also be found at your local dollar store.

Cut a paint chip into a triangle shape, and use a ribbon to attach it to a gift. Perfect holiday gift tags.

Here is a tutorial for these beautiful snow globes.

This is a count down to christmas! Every day, cut off a section of Santa’s beard.

Here is a tutorial on how to make these cute little christmas trees.

Another snow globe tutorial. Love this!


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