See the Light

Some fun and unique ideas for DIY lamps and lamp shades.

Wine glass with a tee light inside. So simple and so cute!

Using scrap pieces of fabric to create an original lamp shade. This would be perfect in a little girl’s room or a play room.

Hanging microphone repurposed to be a lamp.

This lamp shade was made from card stock paper! This is perfect for a nursery.

Modge Podge lamp shade using tissue paper! I would love to have this in my house.

Use a top hat as a lamp shade for hanging lights.

Christmas lights!

Hang christmas lights from the ceiling or from a curtain rod. Then place a thin white curtain in front of the lights. This is a great substitute for a head board.

Take a canvas and poke holes into it in which ever design you choose. Then take a strand of christmas lights, and place one light in each hole.


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